Welcome to kebab Gyros pita bar

Food is our specialty. Recipes passed down from generation to generation, carefully cultivated and brought to you each and everyday.Our table is your table and we hope that you will join us for delicious food served to you one dish at a time.

Our Gyros (pronounced " Yeeros") Is a specially seasoned Beef and lamb blend, with a distinct flavor that is almost addictive.Slowly charbroiled on a vertical rotisserie, the outer-layer of the meat is seared, ensuring the mouthwatering flavor and juices are sealed within.Sliced thin so it won't lose it's flavor, the meat is packed in a golden brown pita pocket, toped with fresh vegetables, and served with Tabbouleh salad. The result is our signature dishes and sure to become a personal favorite of your tastebud.

Chicken ''Aunt Farrah's recipe" Like our Gyros, premium - quality chicken tenders are marinated, then grilled to perfection and stuffed inside a pita pocket and paired with veggies of your choice.The recipe started in our family's kitchen. Sorry we can't share Farrah's secret recipe!

French Fries: Frozen Fries? Not a chance. For our guests we serve only fresh Wholesome Idaho potatoes, Sliced daily fried in 100% Peanut oil. Now you know what they are soooo .good. 

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